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Category: Comedy

If you like rambling, irreverent nonsense, this is the podcast for you! Half philosophy, half jokes. Actually, what DO you like? We should have checked with you first.

Episode 71: High Resolution

December 31, 2016

We couldn't let this thing go. Before Michael departed for Melbourne, we had a couple of drinks and had one last face to face chat to kick off the new year. We're talking resolutions, predictions, retrospection, and a few other -tions. We'll be back for more FaceTime podcasts in 2017, but in the meantime, this episode's mistakes include:

  • Exceeding the hour limit on episodes.
  • A few in-room audio hiccups due to unsteady mic.
  • Not inviting Michael's dad to join us.
  • Egregious factual inaccuracies.

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