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Where should you turn when faced with a big, philosophical question? The internet, of course. Half philosophy, one third “jokes”, one twelfth science, one twelfth politics, and 100% carefully calculated fractions. That’s the Deep Fought Promise!

Episode 157: Go Back To Bed, Jesus!

April 10, 2021

Hello, dear friend. Such a long time has passed since last we spoke, and yet so little has changed. I love how easily you and I slip back into these easy rhythms together. It's something special. A testament to our connection after all these years – in fact, today is our seventh anniversary since launch. Let's not leave it so long next time, eh? This episode's mistakes include:

  • A sprinkling of light heresy.
  • Cancelling Tom Hanks.
  • Too much testosterone.
  • Egregious factual inaccuracies.

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