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Where should you turn when faced with a big, philosophical question? The internet, of course. Half philosophy, one third “jokes”, one twelfth science, one twelfth politics, and 100% carefully calculated fractions. That’s the Deep Fought Promise!

Episode 19: The Meaning Of Life

July 20, 2014

We tackle the big question this week. The Big Question. With real dedication and everything, and minimal (for us) tangents. You'll like it, hopefully. Plus, we hint at our preparations for next week's big episode, if you pay enough attention. This episode's mistakes include:

  • Unacknowledged product placement by Google.
  • Using Michael's selfie for the podcast image.
  • Tackling material that could leave listeners with a gaping emptiness at the core of their existence.
  • Egregious factual inaccuracies.
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