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Where should you turn when faced with a big, philosophical question? The internet, of course. Half philosophy, one third “jokes”, one twelfth science, one twelfth politics, and 100% carefully calculated fractions. That’s the Deep Fought Promise!

Episode 55: Inside Job

April 3, 2016

Something about this seems fishy. Two podcasts in two weeks? What are they getting at? What I'm getting at is that this week's topic is conspiracy theories and the corporate fat cats on Wall Street who don't want you to hear about them because their diversified portfolios DEPEND on the average joe six pack middle America Christian single parents not knowing that THEY'RE the ones taking the bibles out of our hotel rooms in YET ANOTHER WAR ON CHRISTMAS. This episode's mistakes include:

  • Not registering that domain name before putting the episode up.
  • Unfortunately stumbling into decent audio quality that undercuts Nick's insistence that Michael improve his setup.
  • Creating a tagline for the show after fifty-five episodes that should have been obvious on day one.
  • Egregious factual inaccuracies.
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