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Where should you turn when faced with a big, philosophical question? The internet, of course. Half philosophy, one third “jokes”, one twelfth science, one twelfth politics, and 100% carefully calculated fractions. That’s the Deep Fought Promise!

Episode 80: Digital Natives

August 20, 2017

Its that time again -- Pod Cast time!! In this special episode, we talk about being uploaded to the cloud and explore the lives of digital humans. In more ways than one (wink). This episode's mistakes include:

  • Not giving enough due fanfare to the eightyversary.
  • Referring to Michael's beanie as Clouseau-esque instead of Cousteau-esque.
  • No wrap up at the end so make sure you read all of the below text closely.
  • Egregious factual inaccuracies.

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